Style 911: What Do I Wear With These Velvet Maroon Pants?

“I could really use your advice about this pair of velvet Levi’s that I bought. I have been a jeans-only girl my entire life, so the last time I was at the mall I decided to be a little adventurous and went ahead and bought these pants without any thought as to how I might style them. Now I’m stuck! Thus far, I’ve only been able to awkwardly pair them with a white striped shirt! I could really use suggestions for not only tops, but shoes as well. I hope this doesn’t pose too difficult of a challenge!” – Deepa

Deepa, you are a braver woman than I — I am perennially scared of velvet, mostly because it brings up terrible nightmares of the purple crushed-velvet dress with batwing sleeves I wore to my 8th grade dance. Nightmares! But these velvet pants? They’re pretty damn cute. The thing with velvet is you’ve got to be careful not to pair it with a fabric that’s too weak or flimsy. Otherwise, the pants will completely outshine the shirt. That’s why we’d opt for a chambray button down — it’s got enough heft to it that your outfit will feel balanced. As for shoes, absolutely do not wear the shoes pictured with the pants — those nude platforms will only make your legs look stumpy in velvet jeans. Instead, opt for a low heeled bootie — check out the items we’ve picked out for you, after the jump!

Women’s Long Sleeve Chambray Shirt, $50
Sam Edelman Black Boots, $74.97
Ax + Apple Breastplate Necklace, $168
J. Crew Round Buckle Belt, $45

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