Flipper The Cat Flops Into My Heart

Flipper the cat was born with a twisted spine (boo!) that makes it impossible to get all of her legs working in the right direction. Instead, as she moves forward, her legs move sideways (double boo). But the nice kids at Blitz Robotic Club at Conifer High School in Conifer, Colorado, decided to help Flipper out. They designed a special set of wheels that, when strapped to her, would allow the little kitty to motor around with ease. “This is just the neatest thing,” said Jan Gurney, of the Aspen Park Vet Hospital. “She loves kicking her back legs to help power the cat-traption around, it gives her so much mobility and in time her legs will get stronger and her spine may also loosen up to allow for her to one day get around on her own.” In the meantime, Flipper’s got a cool set of wheels… [Neatorama]