9 Photos Of Beyonce Prepping For Her Super Bowl Half-Time Performance

Will you be watching this Sunday’s Super Bowl? I will probably tune in, as I love any excuse to nosh on various chips, dips and crudites and holler at the TV about men in tight outfits. I think I’m rooting for the 49ers, mostly because I went to school in Santa Cruz, CA, which is, like, an hour and a half south of San Francisco. Also, I don’t know what other team is playing. Anyway! I am also obviously going to tune in during the Half-Time Show because Beyonce will be singing and/or lip-syncing (who really knows these days, amiright?). There have been rumors that the rest of Destiny Child’s would come out to perform their new song, “Nuclear,” but Michelle Williams says that’s not true. (Although, Michelle would be the last member of Destiny’s Child to get the memo on future plans, so maybe she just doesn’t know yet.) Remains to be seen! Keep clicking to get a look at how rehearsal is going in these backstage photos that Beyonce posted on her website