Today’s Lady News: With “Bang With Friends,” The Virtual World Tries To Create Actual Hookups

  • Want to see if there’s mutual lust between you and your Facebook friends?  There’s an app for that: Bang With Friends. Slate wants to know if an app created by the male-dominated tech industry will be used by women. [Slate]
  • France’s National Agency for the Safety of Drugs and Health pulled an acne medication, which is also prescribed as a contraceptive, from shelves because it  has been linked to the deaths of four women. [Telegraph UK]
  • Former Marine Corps General James Cartwright told “On The Radar’s” Martha Raddatz that women’s integration into combat units is long overdue.  He offered advice to two young women in the U.S. Marines who could not complete the infantry officer’s course: “‘Don’t give up.  If this is your goal and this is your and this is your passion, then get yourself back together again.” [Yahoo News]
  • In a complete distortion of the facts behind violence against women, conservative Independent Women’s Forum representative Gayle Trotter told the Senate hearing on gun safety that “guns make women safer.”  This claim was made despite evidence from the Harvard Injury Control Research Center, which found that states with more guns lead to more “violent female deaths.” [Slate]
  • In that same Senate hearing, former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords gave a moving speech about the importance of ending fgun violence.  Giffords miraculously survived being shot in the head two years ago during a mass shooting that took the lives of six others in Tucson, Arizona.  “Speaking is difficult,” she said, “but I need to say something important.” []
  • A study conducted by the makers of heartburn treatment Gaviscon found that men are faster at changing diapers.  All the more reason to have them do the dirty work! []

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