R.I.P. “30 Rock”: 21 Life Lessons — In GIFs! — From Liz Lemon And Friends

We are beyond sad that “30 Rock” is ending this week. We’ll always have syndication, but in the meantime, we’ve compiled a list of 21 of the most important life lessons we’ve learend from Liz, Jack, Jenna and the rest of the TGS gang. Please enjoy and share your favorite “30 Rock” quotes in the comments!

1. Never trust an over-eager assistant. She’s probably gunning for your job.


2. It’s what’s on the outside that counts.

3. It’s pronounced “spuh cheh man.”

4. You can try to show up to jury duty as Princess Leia. But we won’t guarantee that it’ll work.

5. Tuxedos after 6 p.m. are de riguer.

6. Never follow a hippie to a second location.

 7. Live every week like it’s Shark Week.

8. He might be your soulmate, but you don’t have to like him.

9. Some people still use beepers. And they should be avoided.

10. It’s pronounced “cah-mer-ah.”

11. Not every “America’s Kidz Got Singing” contestant has talent.

12. Maybe you’re pregnant. Or maybe it’s just the Sabor de Soledad.

13. Duh, put potato chips on a sandwich.

14. Sometimes the answer is right in front of you all along.

15. Beautiful people don’t have to speak excellent French.

16. Food is a good friend.

17. There’s still a huge untapped niche in the children’s book market.

18. Actual European royalty? Kind of inbred.

19. Nepotism can breed awful results.

20. Sex and popcorn go perfect together.

21. Everything on the Internet is accurate and factual.