Makeup Bag: 6 Shades Of Beautiful Brown Nail Polish

I was feeling really emo over the weekend, so I bought some dark OPI nail polish that I thought would channel the cold darkness of my heart, but when I put it on it turned out to be the PRETTIEST medium brown with mauve undertones, and I was like, “Aww that’s so cute!” Conclusions: I suck at being goth, and brown nail polish is the bomb. Wear these chocolate-y shades now before the warm weather of spring has you reaching for brighter colors. Shopping details after the jump!

1. Essie “Mink Muffs,” $8
2. OPI “You Don’t Know Jacques” (this is the one I bought and love!), $8
3. Orly “Prince Charming,” $8
4. Becca “Billy Tea,” $25
5. Deborah Lippman “No More Drama,” $16
6. CoverGirl “Toasted Almond,” $5