For Your Consideration: The Best Anne Hathaway Parody Ever?

Listen, it’s only fair. Anne Hathaway has very capably spoofed fellow actresses Claire Danes and Katie Holmes, so she should feel honored to have someone spoofing her. In the video above, directed by USC graduate student Alberto Belli, actress Emma Fitzpatrick plays Anne as Fantine from “Les Miserables,” pleading for Oscar votes to the tune of her famous solo, “I Dreamed A Dream.” Hathaway is, like, a shoe-in to win the Best Supporting Actress Oscar and has, I think, won every other award she’s been up for this awards season, including the Golden Globe and the SAG Award.

Now, I haven’t see “Les Mis,” but the bulk of Hathaway’s brief time onscreen is her performance of “I Dreamed A Dream,” clips of which I’ve seen, like, 1000 times already. Her performance certain appears deserving of all the accolades — I just wish she would stop being so goddamn breathless and faux shocked every time she wins. I know I’m not the only one who’s found her acceptance speeches thus far to be … lacking in real authenticity. You won, Anne. You can stop acting now!

In other news, I think Emma Fitzpatrick should win an award for this video. Spot. On. Check out an interview with Belli and Fitzpatrick at the link! [The Daily Beast]