Beauty Dare: Would You Wear Green Eyeliner?

I love makeup, but my makeup routine? Fairly standard: A bit of the smudgy black eyeliner and a liberal swabbing of blush and bronzer to mask my hideously pale face and I’m set. So when Aveda sent me their new Petal Essence Eye Definer in Jade Vine in advance of its February 10 release date, I was like, whaaaaaat? And then I was like, it’s Tuesday, live a little! Try it already!

The Petal Essence liner is a light, effervescent green shade, and a great alternative to black. Especially if you (like me!) tend to rub your eyes a bunch and are constantly getting what I like to call “panda bear eyes.” Rather than highlighting the eye shape, like a dark brown or black liner might, the green pencil plays off the color of your iris, helping your eye color really pop.

Plus, green liner is the on-trend shade of the moment, spotted on the runways of Laura Spiegel, Michael Kors and Kenzo, among others.
So tell us: Would you dare to wear green eyeliner?