Who Will Be Spinning The Set For Your Hippie Birth?

You may want to consider hiring San Francisco’s Premiere Birthing DJ to spin the soundtrack for your hippie birth. According to the CraigsList ad, “Sarah Palin’s gay friend” specializes in YogaTronica, WombStep, Deep Doula House, Electrowifery, and Placenta dub. So, you can choose the style that fits your birthing plan best. “What better way to bring a loved one into the world than with kindred all around, doing some form of movement that can only be described as Ecstatic Dance’s Hippier Cousin?” asks the ad. Well, I’ve never given birth, but I think it’s safe to say that I wouldn’t want a rave going on around me while I was pushing a baby out of my vagina. But that’s just me. Ditto for a placenta poetry circle. Either this is the most finely written piece of parody or birthing DJs are a thing. I sure hope it’s the former. [Craigslist]