Style 911: “Help Me Find Low-Heeled Wedding Shoes!”

“I need style advice! I’m getting married this summer and all the wedding shoes I’ve found are horrible. They’re mostly these weird cheap looking silver strappy things that are way overpriced. The only cute ones I can find have high heels, but I’m tall (5’10) and my fiancé’s not much taller and I don’t want to tower over him! Do you have any suggestions for low-heeled shoes that would be cute with a wedding dress but also rewearable later (especially if they’re on the expensive side)? Maybe a couple of white/silver options as well as some color?” –Betsy

Dear Betsy,

After spending the last couple hours wading through pages and pages of atrocious wedding shoes, I’m starting to feel your pain, but I still think we can find you the lovely low heels of your dreams. I found 9 options in a pretty wide variety of styles, colors, and prices. Check ‘em out after the jump, and if you’re a fellow tall bride with low-heeled suggestions for Betsy, please share your wedding shoe wisdom in the comments!


Kitten heels are not only a flirty, feminine style, it’s fairly easy to find heels around 1.5 inches high, as opposed to the standard 3-inches-and-above heights of other pumps.

1. These could easily be reworn post-wedding with all your little black dresses, and they’re also available in ivory. [$69]

2. After scrolling through hundreds of strappy silver sandals, I’ve decided these are just as cute as many of the $250 options, and if you’re only going to wear them once, why not spend 1/10th of that? [$25]

3. These pretty peep toes will frame your pedicure perfectly. [$71]

A low wedge will give you a little height, a lot of comfort, and–here’s the best part–since they’re a little more casual than other styles, you can easily pair them with summer dresses and cropped pants long after the wedding is over.

1. These Kate Spade sandals are spendy, but they’re a classic, versatile style you’ll be able to wear forever. [$228]

2. Champagne-colored wedges decked out with rhinestones? Yes, please! [$63]

3. Simple white sandals with a little sparkle–they’ll look great peeking out from under your wedding dress. [$108]

I love that you’re open to wearing colorful shoes, because that’s going to broaden your options considerably. Plus, it’s an awesome look.

1. Want to really shake things up? Pair your wedding dress with bold blue heels. [$53]

2. Fact: gold glitter goes with everything. [$89]

3. I am obsessed with the look of red shoes with a white wedding dress. It’s so playful and unexpected. [$138]

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