Smell Like A Real Man With “ManHands” (That Means Like Baseball Glove Or Urinal Cake)

It used to be that a lady only had to be on the lookout for Axe Body Wash as a demarcation of doucheitude in a man’s shower. But if the next time you hop in your dude’s no-doubt-scum-covered tub and you catch a whiff of bacon, urinal cake, or Republicanism — or worse, all three — book it out of there with shampoo in your hair. Your dude washes himself with “ManHands,” soaps for the manly man.

Tongue-in-cheek ManHands is available on and comes in 19 testosterone-approved scents, for that gentleman who needs a more aggressively manly scent than his own masculine musk. For a whopping $7 per bar, crotch pubes are not included. (But I have a feeling they will be there soon enough. GRRRRR. Manly!)

In other news, I want to know everything about the man who wrote the following comment on the ManHands page:

“See I knew I wasn’t the only guy that liked the smell of urinal mints.”


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