Jon Stewart Reminds Everyone That Women Are Not Mice, Can Fight In Military Combat

Jon Stewart’s latest crusade: picking apart the right-leaning backlash stemming from Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s decision to allow women to serve in combat roles.  A former U.S. Marine penned a piece in the Wall Street Journal [second item] fretting that in combat soldiers often have to urinate and defecate in front of each other — often in close proximity to a fellow soldier’s face. Stewart points out: In a war zone, are you really worried about “dying from embarrassment?”

His satirical responses to actual news outlets concerns only further points out how simplistic some of the arguments have been.  Expanding who can serve in combat does not mean that suddenly the U.S. military is going to throw men or women onto the frontlines without making sure its soldiers can carry out their duties.  It expands opportunities for those already dedicated to protecting and serving who could not advance, or serve “officially,” in combat.

What do you think of these arguments?

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