Be My Boyfriend(s): Two Awesome Thieves Who Stole More Than $65K In Chicken

Dear Dewayne Patterson and Renaldo Jackson,

You guys obviously like chicken. And I like guys who like chicken. So let’s have a menage a poulet. At least, I’m guessing you like chicken, based on the fact that you stole $65,000 worth of chicken from a Tyson plant in Doraville, Georgia. Got plans for the biggest barbecue ever?

According to reports, you two backed an Enterprise rental truck up to Nordic Cold Storage and loaded 10 pallets of frozen chicken wings onto the truck. I suppose if you simply act like you’re supposed to be transporting a bunch of frozen chicken wings somewhere, it’s easy enough to actually get away with it. It’s kind of like you Secret-ed those chicken wings into your lives.

Sadly, the pair of you were caught not long after, and charged with one count of “felony theft by taking.”

Now comes the question: Would you have shared that chicken with me?

Hopefully yours,



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