The Best Moments At The SAG Awards In Pics, GIFs & Videos

Last night’s SAG Awards were relatively uneventful, so if you missed the show, no big whoop. I’ve got the best moments wrapped up right here, in pic, GIF, and video form.
Sofia Vergara was her usual ridiculous self on the red carpet.

Anne Hathaway won the Best Actress in a Supporting Role award, as expected, though of course she was typically shocked/breathless/faux humble. Also, Justin Timberlake was there for some reason.

When Tina Fey won for Best Actress in a TV Comedy, she gave a much deserved shout out to best friend and Lena Dunham’s baby mama, Amy Poehler.

So much was happening when Jennifer Lawrence upset Jessica Chastain for Best Actress in a Motion Picture Drama! First of all, did her her dress completely rip in half across the thighs?

Regardless, as shocked as Jennifer was to win, Nicole Kidman was like, “Pfft, whatever.”

Just look at Nicole and Naomi Watts throwing shade.

But on a more loving note, Claire Danes gave her “Homeland” co-star Damian “Hot Ginger Terrorist” Lewis a kiss on the lips when she won for Best Actress on a TV Drama.

And then there were the great speeches. I loved Daniel Day Lewis’ acknowledgement of both Joaquin Phoenix and Leonardo DiCaprio. Also, how much sexier does he get with age?

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