Love Stinks — And These Grumpy Cat Cookies Agree!

Hate love? So does Grumpy Cat. Which is why she’s the perfect anti-ambassador for Valentine’s Day. I mean, right now, Grumpy Cat is probably organizing her V-Day plan of attack, which likely involves squirelling away into a pile of litter while everyone else is professing their adoration. These Grumpy Cat cookies are made by Whipped Bake Shop in Philadelphia, and each one is lovingly (hatefully?) packaged with the phrases “Love stinks,” “Overrated” and “Dislike.” Whipped also serves up sugar cookies shaped like bacon and eggs, and a “horny for you” set, featuring a tricerotops and a unicorn. And because they’re total pervs, there’s even a “Mustache Rides, Admit 1″ cookie set. [Whipped Bake Shop, $28]Contact the author of this post at [email protected] or follow her on Twitter @havethehabit.