“It’s Got A Cotton Ball Taste,” Says The Woman Addicted To Eating Cat Hair

Yesterday, I had dim sum and was feeling adventurous so I ordered chicken feet just because I was curious. Not exaggerating, one bite and I gagged. They were so gummy and gelatinous, I wanted to die. I felt nauseous for most of the day and into this morning. Sometimes, when I am disgusted by something, I try to find something that is even more disgusting to distract me. I found something! An upcoming episode of “My Strange Addiction” will feature a woman addicted to eating cat hair.

Lisa started feasting on cat hair 15 years ago as a way to feel closer to her pets. “Just chewing it is relaxing … Her fur is such an interesting texture. So soft and puffy and like cotton candy,” she says. Now Lisa needs a cat hair fix every two hours. That comes out to about three quarter-sized hairballs every day. In addition to her hairball chewing, Lisa grooms her cat with her tongue like “a mama cat would do to her kittens.” But don’t worry, Lisa doesn’t toss her cat’s salad. Cat ass licking is out of the question. And with that sentence, I have reached my maximum gross-out capacity. Time to start thinking about chicken feet again. It’s a vicious cycle. You can watch Lisa in action below. [Gawker]