Girl Who Sucked A Bloody Tampon + Dude Who Ate A Poop Sundae = True Love

Giovanna Plowman and Dino Bruscia, a gross-out, viral video power couple, truly are soul mates. And they are disgusting. Fifteen-year-old Giovanna made a video of herself pulling out her own tampon and sucking on it. Full disclosure: I was unable to watch it. My visceral response was too overwhelming — but I did force myself to listen to it. I believe there was vomit involved. This video is so gross that YouTube and its users deemed it too gross for internet and pulled it. That takes a lot. Then, Giovanna tweeted in protest, “what i did was stupid…so what?! i’ll be on ellen, ill get verified, i’m getting money to show up at some parties!!” Would tampon sucking be appropriate for “Ellen?” I can’t even.

But never mind all the haters, Giovanna has one loyal supporter: Dino Bruscia, better known as the guy who made a video of himself eating a poop sundae. For those of you who are not familiar with a poop sundae, it’s a mixture of your own poop, sprinkles and ice cream. Happy ending time: Dino Tweeted, “me and tampin girl are married!”  And I’m still single? If he’s serious, he’d better learn how to spell tampon correctly. We wish them bloody, poopy kisses forever and ever. I’ve included their very, very, very NSFW videos after the jump for those strong of stomach. Not me. [Uproxx]