5 Things You Should Know About Dan Schachner, The Puppy Bowl Ref And The Guy With The Best Job Ever

The Super Bowl is this weekend, which is whatever — what really matters is that the Puppy Bowl will also be on! The Puppy Bowl runs concurrent with ye olde Superbowl, and is a furry, adorable alternative full of frolicking puppies, fuzzy kittens and–for the first time–cheerleading hedgehogs. And the lucky man in the center of it all? Dan Schachner, the Puppy Bowl referee and the guy with the most enviable job in sports. We wanted to delve deeper into Dan’s world and find out what makes him tick. Read our informative guide to Dan Schachner and the Puppy Bowl, after the jump!

1. He started off behind the scenes. After graduating from the University of Washington, the native New Yorker spent four years as a segment producer for MTV and Discover, before making the leap to on-camera work.

2. He voiced a bunch of celebs on “Celebrity Deathmatch.” Remember that claymation show “Celebrity Deathmatch”? No? Well, okay. He’s also done a bunch of voiceover work for “The Nate Berkus Show,” hosted a show on SNY called “Beer Money” and was once a co-star on a short-lived talk show called “Popping the Question With Star Jones.” Bet he’s glad that’s over.

3. He desperately needs more Twitter followers! He’s only got 28 as of right now. And he basically only tweets about the Puppy Bowl. Follow him at @DanSchachner.

4. He got the Puppy Bowl job through a regular old audition. “When I first found out Animal Planet was on the hunt for a new Puppy Bowl ref, I knew my true calling in life had come,” he said. “I quickly grabbed my camcorder and sent in an audition tape highlighting my puppy refereeing skills and sense of humor. To my surprise, they “bit,” and now I’m calling the most important game of my life!” And he takes the job very seriously: My job is to make sure the puppies play a safe, clean game. I call puppy penalties, which can lead to expulsion if necessary, and I also call the touchdowns – just like a football referee. And of course, there are always puppy ‘messes’ to clean up.”

5. He doesn’t actually own any puppies himself. Instead, he has three pet catfish.

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