Lizz Winstead Succinctly Breaks Down Where We Are With Roe V. Wade

Lizz Winstead is the one of the founding writers of “The Daily Show” and a staunch and funny feminist. In this new video, Winstead teams up with the women’s rights group UltraViolet to show you how much “choice” many women actually have. Did you know that there’s only one abortion clinic in these four states: North Dakota, South Dakota, Mississippi, and Arkansas? So just because women may theoretically have the right to abortion, they may not actually be able to procure one if needed. Why does any of this matter? Because an attack on abortion rights is an attack on women, and a not-so-subtle way of claiming sovereign control over women’s bodies.

Anti-abortion lobbyists and politicians are very savvy when it comes to restricting women’s rights, and it’s up to pro-choice advocates to be equally as clever. [UltraViolet]

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