What We Missed: Do You Keep A List Of All The People You’ve Slept With?

Oh, don’t mind me. I was just busy working on my list of past sexual partners. Is that a strange thing to do? I’ve read a number of articles on the subject recently and was fascinated to see a number of commenters on those posts remarking on it being a weird thing to do. To be honest, once my number of sexual partners got into the double digits, I started keeping a list. And then I slacked off on the list and forgot about it, until this week, when I decided to make my list from scratch. While I have a gut feeling I’m missing a dude or two, I am proud to say that I remember all but ONE first name. Go me! Anyway, I and the rest of the Frisky gals discuss keeping sex lists, as well as a few other juicy topics — nail polish for Muslim women, storing data in DNA double helixes and whether beards are sexy or gross — in this week’s episode of What We Missed. Enjoy! And obviously I expect you to share whether you keep a list of your sex partners or not.