Want To Broadcast Your Choupette Love To The World? So Do We — Here’s How!

When this delicious macaron from heaven, featuring a back-of-the-sweatshirt cameo by Choupette Lagerfeld, angel-winged its way onto our computer screens yesterday, I was beside myself. Firstly because Jessica beat me to the Choupette Watch punch (Jessica: I forgive, but I don’t forget), and secondly because hello, why do I not have a Choupette sweatshirt already hanging in my closet? In fact, why don’t I have a closet full of Choupette paraphernalia? (The one in this video is indeed only for three-year-olds, and certainly only available in a very limited quantity, but hello, hi, I am a toddler-sized person, that hoodie was made for me.) A quick search of Etsy (where else?) wised us up to the fact that there actually is a market for this sort of thing. Let’s take a look at some of the cutest Choupette merchandise on the web, and hope to hell that there isn’t some sort of brand infringement at stake here. If there is, let me know, and I’ll cease production on my Choupette-inspired Cafepress collection ASAP.