Tino Tiuososopo Is Supposedly The Voice Of Manti T’eo’s Fake Girlfriend, Lennay Kekua

  • Is Tino Tiuososopo — cousin of hoaxster Ronaiah Tiuososopo — the person who Manti T’eo was speaking with when he thought he was talking to his imaginary girlfriend, Lennay Kekua? Tino Tiuososopo is supposedly in her 20s, lives in American Samoa, and works for a construction company. [New York Post]
  • Kris Humphries has rejected a $10 million settlement offer from Kim Kardashian because he’s still very, very adamant he should get an annulment on the grounds of fraud. [Stupid Celebrities]

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  • J.J. Abrams will be the director of the newest “Star Wars” movie.  [PopBytes]
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  • People who read Lance Armstrong’s books pre-doping scandal have filed a class-action lawsuit, claiming they were “duped.” [The Today Show]
  • Emmy Rossum from “Shameless” talks about fake poop. [The AV Club]
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