Melvita Yellow Fruit Shower Scrub Makes Exfoliating Easy

I may tend to my face religiously, but I’m no saint: I commit a cardinal beauty sin every day by neglecting my skin from the neck down. I’ll cleanse, exfoliate, tone, and moisturize my mug until anyone in the vicinity is like, “Why is she still in the bathroom?,” but when it comes to the rest of me, I do a body wash once-over and leave it at that. But now it’s winter, a season practically synonymous with dry, dulling build-up, and I’ve been forced (forced!) to make some changes to my routine. Enter Melvita’s Yellow Fruit Shower Scrub, a soothing body wash that doubles as a gentle smoothing exfoliator, eliminating the need for the extra step… not to mention the extra container taking up precious shower space (and by the way, why do body scrubs always seem to come in big, impractical tubs?). Not only is its light, faintly creamy fragrance of fresh apple and quince one of the most pleasant I’ve ever stumbled upon, but the crushed hazelnut powder sloughs away dead skin without being abrasive or irritating (two words: salt scrub), and because it’s formulated with 99% certified natural and organic ingredients, you can feel 100% good about what you’re putting on your body. Now you’ll have no excuse for not having the softest, most gloriously-scented skin around this season. [$14, Melvita]