7 Other Hairstyles For LeAnn Rimes (Because That Quiff Wasn’t Working)

I know I said I would stop picking on LeAnn Rimes, but I can’t! Tuesday night, on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” LeAnn did herself a grave disservice by experimenting with a new hairdo. Rachel told me that there is a proper name for this hairstyle and it’s called a quiff. Wikipedia describes it as a cross between a pompadour, a flattop and a mohawk. So yeah, LeAnn Rimes went on national television with a quiff. My theory is that it was her plant to have her hair distract us from all the bizarro things she said on that “Entertainment Tonight” interview. If so,it worked. Consider me distracted. Here are some alternative hairstyles for LeAnn since, you know, she seems to want a new look. Click through to check them out. [Yahoo]