You Want A Couch That Looks Like Hillary Clinton, Don’t You?

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s been in the news a bunch lately, so it makes sense that bloggers from all genres would want to capitalize off her name recognition. But the guys over at Homesessive have taken it to a new level of absurdity. They’ve fashioned a homewares slideshow with Hillary as its inspiration. Because, “with all of her travels, Hillary undoubtedly decorates her home with items from all over the globe,” reads the copy accompanying an image of lovely spinning globes you could procure for your sitting room or whatever. And because your love for H-Dawg knows no bounds, you can buy a couch in some of Hillary’s signature suit colors. What might they be? “Hillary seems to mostly sport a well tailored suit in solid colors like blue, black and white. [A] black suit with white piping is a prime example of Hillary’s refined color palette.”

Might this start a trend? Will we be seeing a Tim Geithner room makeover? A Thomas Vilsack garden renovation? Yeah, didn’t think so. [Homesessive]