UFC, FOX Pressured To Drop Quinton “Rampage” Jackson From Fight Over His YouTube Video About Attempted Rape

On January 26, FOX is set to air an Ultimate Fighting Championship fight with MMA fighter Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, who last April posted a video on the YouTube channel for FilmOn in which he jokingly attempted to rape a woman. He in the video, he advises viewers to use choloroform to “help her relax” and suggests purchasing zip ties. Also in the video, Jackson says he hopes the woman he attempts to rape “got low self-esteem.” A clip from the video shows Jackson dressed in all black, sneaking up behind a woman with her back turned while she’s opening her car door. Worst of all, this video is entitled “How To Pick Up A Gurl … Fast.”

Let me remind you again: FOX and UFC want to put this guy on TV.

Jackson has claimed he made the rape video because he was trying to do something so offensive he would get kicked out of the UFC and likened himself to the comedian Dave Chapelle. There’s a unique definition of professionalism: when you want to get relieved from a contract, the appropriate way to go about it is make a video where you pretend to rape someone. (When asked if he regretted making the video, Jackson said, “Now that the UFC didn’t kick me out, yeah. It didn’t do its job.”)

Groups that support victims of sexual assault, domestic violence groups, university professors and clergy are now urging UFC sponsors to drop out of the fight, which will take place at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois. To quote from their letter:

The UFC must begin holding its fighters accountable for their actions and adopt a meaningful code of conduct…The behavior of Rampage Jackson, UFC President Dana White and other UFC fighters is unacceptable. Misogynistic and sexist behavior can no longer be tolerated in the UFC.

It’s not just the rape video which is odious: Jackson also has a past history of “mimicking sexual acts with female reporters during interviews,” like putting his face near a reporter’s breasts and saying he wanted to “motorboat” her. His sexual harassment is shrugged off as just boys-will-be-boys behavior.

Indeed, this pig and his toxic masculinity don’t belong on television.


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