Texas YMCA Denies Family Membership To Lesbian Parents

  • A YMCA in Tyler, Texas, is allegedly refusing to give a family membership to two lesbian parents, even though they did issue them such a membership a decade ago. The YMCA is now claiming the couple needs to have a marriage licence, despite the fact Texas doesn’t issue same-sex marriage certificates.  [Think Progress]
  • Cue the op-ed arguing that the Secretary of Defense shouldn’t have lifted the ban on women in combat. Apparently we can’t handle men pooping around us! [Wall Street Journal]
  • Two Democratic female senators have reintroduced the Paycheck Fairness Act, which would require employers to prove that difference in pay is based on merit instead of gender. It also protects employees from being penalized for filing a pay discrimination claim. [Feminist.org]
  • President Obama is said to be naming Mary Jo White, a former U.S. attorney, to chair the Securities & Exchange Commission. [New York Times]
  • On policing African-American womanhood from every angle. [Reproductive Health Reality Check]
  • Marvel Comics’ X-Men is relaunching with a new title featuring an all-female superhero team. [WIRED]
  • What is a “Jesus feminist”? [NYMag.com]
  • Here’s a resource reading list for non-Western feminism. [Oppressed Brown Girls Doing Things]
  • “American Horror Story””s most feminist moments. [NYMag.com]


  • Nepal will begin issuing third gender IDs for Nepali folks who don’t identify as either the male or female gender. [Jezebel]
  • An Afghan mother is suing police for ignoring her daughter’s request for protection from domestic violence. Her daughter Khatera was eventually murdered by her husband. [Al Jazeera]
  • What is Bollywood’s role in changing Indian attitudes towards women? [Index On Censorship]
  • Is delaying marriage an increasingly global trend? [Al Jazeera]
  • Maternity wards by the UK’s National Health Service are modernizing with new midwife-led units, more rooms for dads to sleep over, and birthing pools. [Guardian UK]
  • 13 countries that already allow women in combat (and seem to be doing okay). [BuzzFeed]
  • Women’s soccer in the UK is seeking to join the big leagues in 2013. [Guardian UK]

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