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God, could I love this show any more than I do? It gets better every week! Last night’s episode was my favorite one yet, even though my couch is now stained with tears thanks to all the emotional confrontations. Ready to relive the drama with me? Let’s do this…

The episode kicks off with Rayna and Juliette performing their #1 hit, “Wrong Song,” on tour together. The sexual chemistry between Rayna and her hot hipster guitar player/producer Liam is off the charts, and they’re hogging the stage with their bumping and grinding. Juliette is not happy about it, but she’s even less happy about the news her manager gives her after the show: “We’re giving Rayna a ride back to Nashville on your private jet!”

As if Juliette’s life could get ANY WORSE, once the dueling singers and their entourages board the plane, her bean dip has gone missing. This sparks what might be the most hilarious exchange on the show to date, with Juliette, Rayna, and Liam trading perfectly timed catty remarks (attention “Nashville” producers: more scenes like this, please!) before Juliette discovers that Rayna and Liam have been happily munching on her bean dip the entire time. Juliette, I feel you, girl: bean dip betrayal is the worst kind of betrayal.

What’s been happening back in Nashville? Oh, you know, the usual: Scarlett and Gunnar are being adorable, Avery is working hard to win the Biggest Douchenozzle In The World Award, Deacon is reeling after quitting The Revel Kings because the slimy rat-faced lead singer tried to rape his niece. Oh! And apparently the slimy rat guy leaked a story to a big magazine that Deacon was “let go” because he had fallen off the wagon.

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Speaking of wagons, Juliette attends a court date for her addict mother, who is still on the wagon. Deacon, who has become her mom’s sponsor, is there too, but he wants Juliette to speak to the judge on her mother’s behalf. Juliette resists, before eventually delivering a brief, formal, not-very-effective speech. These are the moments when I want to jump into the TV and give Juliette a hug, because her eyes are so vulnerable and intense but she’s holding everything back because she’s been burned so bad in the past. Homegirl needs some major therapy. Her court wardrobe, however, is on point.

Meanwhile, Rayna is being wooed by the head of a competing record label, and Hot Hipster Liam is really pushing her to make the deal. The head of the label visits her and makes some very convincing arguments, but Rayna feels a great deal of loyalty to Edgehill, the label she’s been with her entire career.

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Which brings us to the first of multiple emotional confrontations in this episode that made me cry a river of tears: Rayna goes to visit Deacon. She wants to check on him after reading that article that claimed he’d fallen off the wagon, which she doesn’t really believe but maybe kind of does. Deacon’s life currently sucks, and he’s in the middle of putting his house up for sale and retreating to a cabin in the woods. Also? He’s apparently super pissed at Rayna for a variety of reasons, but mostly for “losing faith in him” and marrying Teddy while he was in rehab. I mean, yeah, that’s gotta sting, but come on dude, maybe it’s time to let it go?

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Next up: emotional confrontation #2. Scarlett is a masochist so she went to see Avery play a show, and ran into one of his old bandmates. The two have a few beers and talk about how Avery wronged them, and then they realize the best revenge would be to band together, literally. Scarlett is so stoked to tell Gunnar about their new musical opportunity, but she happens to approach him right after he’s gotten off the phone with his brother’s parole officer. Poor Gunnar. He’s normally the sweetest guy ever, but all this fugitive brother stress makes him lash out at Scarlett. Listen, I love me some Gunnar, but I’m pretty sick of guys projecting all their fucked up emotions onto my sweet Scarlett. One more wardrobe sidenote: I would gladly watch a spinoff show about Scarlett’s cardigan collection.

Cut to the party for “Wrong Song.” Everyone is acting like Rayna deserves all the credit for the song, and Juliette is pissed. She’s also trying to babysit her mom, who came to the party as Deacon’s plus-one, even though Deacon never showed up. Her mom is basically acting the same way I do when I’m nervous at a party, AKA eating way too many sliders, dropping things, and awkwardly introducing herself to every single person in the room–but she’s not drinking! Yay!

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Rayna is having an awesome time at the party until it’s revealed that–gasp!–Hot Hipster Liam was only pushing her into that record deal because it was going to benefit him! Rayna feels so betrayed, especially because she was toootttaaallllyyyy crushing on him (and can you blame her?). She goes home with her husband, who I usually think is so boring I can barely keep my eyes open when he talks, and they end up making me cry AGAIN by having a really honest discussion about their marriage. “I was just trying to be the man you wanted me to be,” Teddy says. This convo really gave me a new understanding/respect for Teddy, and now I’m rooting for them to make it work (although, judging from the previews of the next episodes, it’s not looking good).

While Rayna is repairing her broken marriage, Juliette goes to check on/yell at Deacon for not coming to the party. He’s apparently had a very productive night spent smashing a guitar, knocking over a lamp, and sulking on the couch. Juliette is all, “Dude, your life sucks when you’re not playing music. Stop blaming Rayna for everything. Come on tour with me” (I’m paraphrasing). Deacon’s all, “Why are you so concerned about me but you ignore your mom? We’re both addicts. We’re the same person. I AM YOUR MOTHER” (now I’m really poorly paraphrasing).

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Alright, ready to cry all the tears? After talking to Deacon, Juliette goes to see her mom, and they have the most touching mother-daughter EVER. Just watch it, OK? Because I’m already crying just thinking about it and I really need to finish this recap.

The tour must go on, right? Rayna kisses her husband and gets on Juliette’s plane. “We’re waiting for one more,” Juliette says with a devilish grin, and then we see Deacon running across the tarmac because he’s decided to join Juliette’s band. Rayna’s husband sees this too, and the look on his face is just purely, “Aw heeeelllll no!” We have to wait two weeks for the next episode, which is probably good for my emotional health, but damn, I cannot wait to see what happens on this tour!

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