Sundance Survey: Female Directors Fare Better In Indie Films Than Hollywood

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  • Women directors fare far better in indie films than they do in the mainstream Hollywood machine, according to a new study out of this year’s Sundance Film Festival. Women are still woefully underrepresented in all filmmaking roles in Sundance films, however. [Guardian UK]
  • On the geography of abortion access in America. [Daily Beast]
  • Indian caste councils have asked for “greater understanding” for families for committing domestic violence against their sisters and daughters, AKA so-called “honor killings.” Women’s rights advocates in India suspect 10,000 people are murdered by “honor killings” each year, usually women killed by family members. [Telegraph UK]
  • Richie Covington of Alabama got catcalled by a man, then gay-bashed when the catcaller realized Covington was not a woman. [Queerty]
  • Ten tips for the aspiring feminist dominatrix. [xoJane]
  • Our Mommie Dearest columnist Avital Norman Nathman addresses actress Elizabeth Banks’ recent comments about how having her second child made her feel like a “real mom.” [Bitch Magazine]
  • On why men shouldn’t need to “imagine if it were your wife/daughter/mother” to be empathetic about women’s rights issues. [Feministing]

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