Help! Do Comfortable High Heels Exist?

Last week I was wandering the aisles of Nordstrom Rack and found the cutest pair of blue suede Franco Sarto pumps (shown above). When I slipped them on, they fit my feet perfectly and felt shockingly comfortable thanks to a bit of padding in the sole and a relatively low heel, at least compared to the 5-inch monsters I always accidentally buy and then never wear. I thought I had finally hunted down my white whale: a pair of heels that were cute and comfortable, but then I wore them over the weekend, and after about an hour, I wanted to DIE. Seriously, my feet are still aching, and now I’m feeling hopeless about the existence of truly comfortable high heels. So let’s talk this out, shall we? I would love to hear about any brands you love, or random tips for making uncomfortable shoes more comfortable. Do my feet just need to get more accustomed (and by “accustomed” I mean numb) to wearing heels? Are you one of those people who wears high heels every day? How in God’s name do you do it?!

After the jump, check out other Frisky staffers’ picks for most and least comfortable heels, and please (pretty please) share your own in the comments!

“Least Comfortable — Jessica Simpson. Seriously I wanted to die in them after two minutes. Most comfortable — believe it or not Frye makes great, comfortable heels.” –Julie

“At least for me, heels get easier to walk in when my feet swell up and grip the inside of the shoe tighter. That’s been true for both Payless heels and Louboutins. But not my Stuart Weitzman booties. Those are the most uncomfortable heels on the planet.” –Jessica

“My Vince Camutos and J. Crew heels aren’t terrible. The most comfortable heels are my Comptoir des Contonniers booties.” –Ami