8 Celebrities With Unexpected Famous Relatives

You probably won’t be too shocked to learn that nepotism exists in Hollywood: If Nicolas Cage hadn’t gotten some of his earliest roles from his uncle Francis Ford Coppola, the world would be a sadder, less crazy place. But some blood connections between celebrities aren’t so easy to spot, since they exist between people you’d probably never imagine being in the same room together, let alone getting drunk and having an argument on Thanksgiving. For instance …

#8. Ewan McGregor Is the Nephew of Wedge from “Star Wars.” It would be unfair to reduce Ewan McGregor’s career to the fact that he was cast as a young Obi-Wan in the “Star Wars” prequels: The man has demonstrated his versatility by playing everything from a junkie (“Trainspotting”), to a U.S. Army Ranger (“Black Hawk Down”), to Jim Carrey’s boyfriend (“I Love You Phillip Morris”). Read more…

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