5 Things You Need To Know About Matthew Mosshart, Kelly Osbourne’s Hot Fiance

I didn’t think there was much me and Kelly Osbourne would ever agree on, but it looks like we have similar taste in dudes — or at least her hot fiance Matthew Mosshart. Kelly’s allegedly been secretly engaged to Mosshart for some time, but has yet to wear her engagement ring in public. The pair met in 2011 at the wedding of Kate Moss and Jamie Hince, and have apparently been inseparable ever since.

Given that we’ll probably be seeing a whole lot more of Mr. Mosshart in the coming weeks and months, and given that he’s extremely hot, we figured we’d do a little digging on him and see what turned up. After the jump, five things to know about Matthew Mosshart.1. Her family loves him. “They think he’s the nicest guy she’s ever dated. He is very patient and down-to-earth,” a source told Us Weekly. Might that be because he vaguely looks like Ozzy?

2. He’s a vegan chef. And Kelly credits his cooking with helping her stay slim.

3. He’s an exercise fanatic. Again, Kelly says the two of them work out together, which is partly why she’s lost so much weight. “I love Matthew and we love to work out together – we motivate one another,” she said. “I go on the treadmill every day for half an hour and do two hours of exercise if I have a special event.” 

4. He’s also a model, natch. Kelly’s last boyfriend was Luke Worrell, a model and sometimes DJ to whom she was briefly engaged. The couple split up when it was revealed that Worrell had cheated on Kelly with transgender model Elle Schneider.
5. He’s got a famous sister. His sis is The Kills’ singer Allison Mosshart.
Oh, did you want a couple of extra shots of him? Here you go!