Tweeting Pictures Of Your Boobs Isn’t Really Feminist, Y’all

  • I guess “feminism” now means tweeting pictures of your cleavage with the hashtag #KUboobs to support your college sports team? At least that’s how some football basketball fans at the University of Kansas see it. Oh, fighting about “choice feminism”: will it ever get old? [Feministing]
  • On the Supreme Court’s historic Roe vs. Wade decision at 40 and reproductive justice for black women. [Ms. Magazine]
  • A Satmar Hadis who sexually abused an Orthodox Jewish tween girl in Brooklyn, while supposedly “counseling” her to be more religious, has been sentenced to 103 years in prison. [New York Times]
  • Guess who’s to blame for gun violence? “Welfare moms,” duh, says this Republican. [Think Progress]
  • On why abortion is a labor issue. [In These Times]
  • The University of North Carolina has been found to have purposefully under-reported sexual assaults against its students. [Feministing]
  • Watch Katie Couric’s “Katie” interview with Judy Shepard, LGBT rights advocate and mother of the late Matthew Shepard. [Queerty]
  • Can you be a feminist and enjoy sexist music? [The Gloss]
  • Novelist Margaret Atwood on books and why she is so awesome. [The Rumpus]
  • Beverly Wildung Harrison, the mother of Christian feminist ethics and a professor of social ethics and feminist theory at the Union Theological Seminary, died last month at age 80. [Religion Dispatches]
  • Miriam Ajluni, a Palestinian-American who hosted and produced a cable access program about Arab-American issues, died at age 90. [San Jose Mercury News]


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