Lena Dunham Once Dated Her Own Sandy-The-Black-Republican

“Hannah acts like she has a political issue with [Sandy, the black Republican she is sleeping with], but what she actually has an issue with is him disliking what she does. Because she feels like she should receive universal praise, and the fact that someone’s sleeping with her should also mean that they respect her prose style. … I’ve had one boyfriend who I knew had an active … not dislike, but some issues with what I did. It wasn’t even like he was like, ‘I think you’re pushing a weird agenda.’ He just didn’t think I was that great a writer. It was right when ‘Tiny Furniture’ was coming out, and I didn’t love it. It’s important to me to receive constructive criticism and I don’t want to be with a yes man, but I want to be with somebody who at the very baseline level thinks that I’m talented and takes what I do seriously. I couldn’t be attracted to someone if they made work that I found absurd.”

Lena Dunham explains to New York magazine’s Vulture blog why she cast Donald Glover on “Girls” as a dude Hannah dates briefly before they get into a fight about their differences. It turns out she once had her own Sandy, but he didn’t like her movie “Tiny Furniture,” not her essay. I guess we can assume this means Dunham’s real life BF Jack Antonoff is on board with her work? [NYmag.com Vulture]