Inside The Real Downton Abbey

Ever wonder about the real story behind “Downton Abbey”‘s majestic house? Us too. It seems that the real life Lady and Lord Grantham are actually known as the Eighth Earl and Lady Carnarvon. They’ve lived in the house for around 20 years, and have restored it to its pre-war heights. And, they just happen to be friends with Julian Fellowes, the head writer and creator of Downton Abbey.

Explains Lady Carnarvon, the house hadn’t been lived in for more than 50 years when the pair inherited it. Highcler contains more than 50 bedrooms (which aren’t really shown on the show). And the Carnaven family has a story worthy of a “Downton” plot for sure, involving money, illegitimate children and Egyptology. And actually, some of the 5th Earl of Carnaven’s Egypt collection is housed at Highcler today. [CBS]