Beyoncé Lip Synched “The National Anthem” And Everything We Know Is A Lie

  • Beyoncé did lip synch “The National Anthem” at yesterday’s Inauguration! How are we ever supposed to believe that Bey really did carry Blue Ivy herself now?!?! [Clutch Magazine]
  • Boyz II Men, New Kids On The Block, and 98 Degrees are teaming up for a massively cheesy tour together this summer. [Stupid Celebrities]
  • Lindsay Lohan turned down “Dancing With The Stars,” even though that $500K they offered her would pay off a lot of bills. [PopBytes]
  • A stripper explains her “sex work persona” versus her real life relationships. [The Gloss
  • Did ex-girlfriend Sheryl Crow know anything about Lance Armstrong’s doping? [Stupid Celebrities]
  • J.Crew is retiring Malia Obama’s cute purple coat “out of respect for the First Family.” Whatever, dummies, you could probably sell a lot of those purple coats now, but whatever floats your boat. You can still purchase the same coat in other colors, though. [Racked]
  • Manti T’eo’s (fake) eHarmony ad just makes me feel bad for the guy. [Funny Or Die]
  • This lady faked an engagement for fun and profit. Okaaaaay … [Nerve]
  • What happens when two fans stand outside Silvercup Studios in New York City and see how many “30 Rock” fans they can high five? This is so awesome. [YouTube]
  • Sexy men of Sundance that we’d scale a mountain to smooch. [TresSugar]
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger still loves Maria Shriver and wants to reconcile. She filed for divorce in 2011 after it came out that he’d fathered a love child with the family housekeeper. [Gossip Cop]

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