Beauty Test Drive: Drew Barrymore’s Flower Lip Butter

Never in the million years did I think I’d be recommending you a product sold exclusively at Walmart, renowned big box store of sex discrimination lawsuits and sexist tee shirts. Neither would I have suspected that Drew Barrymore, hippie goddess of love and light, would choose Walmart to exclusively sell her makeup line, Flower. But she did, and I am, and honestly, her Flower lip butter is the best lip product I’ve ever used. Yes, better than the expensive department store lipsticks and drug store lip crayons. It’s the shit. For realz.

I went home from a Flower event with a bag full of goodies to test drive and the quality of all of them is very high. I’ll review them one-by-one, but first up, the lip butter!

Price/Availability: $6.98, Walmart stores and

Packaging: The packaging on all the Flower products is high quality and very classy looking. I feel like I’m carrying around a lip product from my mom’s makeup bag. The lip butter tube doesn’t look like it would break if you dropped it on the floor at all. Considering I’ve had makeup packages break from both Target and TooFaced with less wear and tear, that’s saying something.

Formula: Whatever “lip butter” officially means, I don’t exactly know. This lip butter is more than a gloss but less than a lipstick; it slicks on almost waxy, but glistens like a gloss. It’s not tacky — no hair gets stuck on my lips, yessss! — and doesn’t make my lips feel dry the way lipsticks do. I wouldn’t quite call it moisturizing, though.

Wear Time: This is what I love about the Flower lip butter: it stays on practically all day. Even while drinking a Starbucks iced coffee out of a straw, which I am doing constantly, it barely budges. I touch it up once or twice in the late afternoon and that’s it. The color that I’ve been wearing, Wispy Wisteria, is a pretty purplish-pink that looks pretty even as the vibrancy fades late in the day.

Overall: Flower’s lip butter is my new must-have beauty product, hands down. In fact, I’ve already recommended it to a girlfriend who asked me for a new lip color suggestion. 

I have ethical qualms shopping at Walmart. But I do really, really, really love this lip butter, so I’m going to have to figure something out! Oh, Drew, why’d you have to make this so hard?

Rating: 5/5

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