Russell Brand Visiting The La Brea Tar Pits Is Giving Me The Giggles

Russell Brand Visits The La Brea Tarpits,” was the headline on this series of paparazzi shots that came in today. And here we have Russell, cell phone and fashion scarf in to, either coming or going from said tar pits. I mean, does this ensemble seem like “tar pits”-appropriate gear? Isn’t he worried his cheetah-print fashion scarf is going to get caught in the tar? Or that he’ll get distracted by his cell phone and accidentally take a dive in? Or that maybe the tar will seep into the artfully ripped holes in his jeans and scald his skin?

I mean, truthfully I have no idea what the tar pits even look like, so who knows if that’s even possible. But it’s fun to imagine, isn’t it? [Fame/Flynet Pictures]