Home Inspiration: 12 Wonderful Wall Clocks

You know what time it is! Okay, maybe you don’t. But that’s because you don’t have a handy wall clock in your apartment. But we’re going to help you change all that — with 12 decorative, stylish and on-point clocks that will help you keep on schedule and help beautify your living space. Click through after the jump!

  1. Wooden Wall Hanging Clock, $26
  2. The Expat Clock, $65.59
  3. Bicycle Wheel Clock, $66.05
  4. Glow in the Dark Oujia Board Clock, $50
  5. Rustic Pallet Clock, $45
  6. Vintage Coral Clock, $54.65
  7. Birch Ply Cuckoo Clock With Moving Bird, $154.95
  8. Squirrel Wall Clock, $68
  9. New York Modern Wall Clock, $39.99
  10. Blue Kienzle Wall Clock, $8
  11. Record Wall Clock, $37.74
  12. Sunburst Wall Clock, $15

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