Beauty Test Drive: Fine-One-One Cheek & Lip Brightener

My natural skin color is death warmed up (uh, I mean, “porcelain”) so I’m all about blush and bronzer for achieving that vaguely human look. To me it’s really important that blush and bronzer look as “natural” as possible. Alas, that is not always the case. Benefit Cosmetics sent us Fine-One-One, their new cheek/lip brightening stick, so I gave it a whirl … and felt very “meh.”

Price/Availability: $30, Fine-One-One Sheer Brightening Color For Cheeks & Lips

Formula: Fine-One-One comes in a elongated oval stick, similar to a stick of deodorant. There are three colors on the stick: pink, watermelon, and an orangey coral. You apply it and then smudge all the colors together, or just smudge the watermelon and coral together while leaving the pink as a highlighter. It glides on creamy, similar to other cream blushes. It’s very easy to throw in your purse and touch up your cheeks without having to deal with the hassle of a powder blush/bronzer/highlighter and brush.

Wear Time: Cream blushes actually stay on my skin a lot longer than powder blushes do. (I believe that’s because I have dry skin.) The wear time for Fine-One-One on my cheeks has always been all day long. Less so as a lip product, but that’s more standard for lip products in general.

Overall: My problem with Fine-One-One is the garishness of the watermelon and orange colors. The light pink is pretty as a contouring highlighter, but that’s it. Taken overall, the colors too bright  and don’t look “natural” on me at all — both as a blush and as a lip product. My coloring is very fair and this blush looks “obvious.” (Which is OK if that is the look you are going for, which I sometimes am when I’m really dressed up to go out.) Someone with Amelia’s coloring more naturally bronzed/ruddy complexion might fare better with the watermelon/orange-ness of it all. Unfortunately, stick is only available with the three existing colors; I think it would behoove Benefit Cosmetics to make other color combinations available.

I also do not like how using the cream stick makes the colors bleed together, specifically the watermelon onto the pink, and also picks up foundation. I find myself wiping gunk off the stick a lot.

I definitely won’t be purchasing Fine-One-One for myself when the stick runs out. I’ll stick to my MAC cream blush and my NARS Orgasm powder blush — which are also similarly, expensively priced but way better products.

Rating: 2/5

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