The Most Amazing Connecticut Stereotypes In The New York Times’ Candace Bushnell Profile

No one would accuse Sex and the City author Candace Bushnell of being not-fancy. This is the woman, after all, who popularized Manolo Blahniks and finance fiancés named Mr. Big. But even I’ll admit this entire New York Times Magazine profile of Bushnell, whose book The Carrie Diaries, has just debuted as a CW drama, is “too much,” even for me, a looky-loo who likes to gawk at the lives of rich folks.

As a native Connecticut-ite, here are the most ridiculously stereotypical tidbits in the Candace Bushnell piece:

  • That photo is everything.  The ribbons. The poodles. The shiny pants. The fancy jacket. The ginormous fireplace. This is totally how everyone hangs in CT.
  • Her poodles are named Pepper and Prancer. Muffy and Buffy must be the names of her gerbils?
  • She drinks rosé through a straw. Admittedly, Julie drinks Starbucks through a straw so it doesn’t ruin her lipstick. But rosé? Fancy!
  • She trains in dressage and has a spread in Equestrian Quarterly. Horseback riding is such a rich people activity. I guess it’s good to have something to talk about if you’re ever seated next to Ann Romney or Georgina Bloomberg at the Met Ball.
  • Pool house!!!!!!!! No word, though, on the pool boy. It’s not a real pool house without a pool boy. Everyone knows that.
  • Lunch was smoked salmon, chardonnay and “unshelled” almonds by the fire. In case you didn’t pick up on it, Candace Bushnell is fancy.

Friendly reminder from me to you, as both a woman from Connecticut and a writer: writing is usually not this lucrative.

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