R.I.P. Society: Teenage Girl Says She Will Have Sex With Teenage Boy If He Gets 1 Million Facebook Likes

So this is majorly depressing: Petter Kverneng, a teenage boy in Norway, really wanted to have sex with his crush Cathrine, though she wasn’t particularly into it. So she — allegedly — told him she’d have sex with him if he could get one million likes on Facebook. Because there’s nothing the world cares more about than the deflowering of a desperate young be-pimpled child, the Internet has helpfully chimed in with a barrage of support. The board 4chan (don’t go there, seriously), got wind of the offer and ponied up the necessary likes, so now, we suppose, Cathrine is going to have sex with Petter. The tally is currently at 1.2 million and rising. What does this teach Cathrine, Petter and the rest of the world? That sex is just, you know, one of those things you can commodify and trade — for dollars, yes — or even for something as fleeting and intangible as Facebook likes. Cathrine (and maybe even Petter) will no doubt regret posting her photo attached to a sign that clearly states exactly what she’s worth. Then again, this could all be a weird, horrible viral stunt for Umbro. For their sakes, let’s hope it is. [Gawker]