Get Decked Out To Work Out (For Less!)

The thing that has been getting me through the winter is hot yoga. But there is one — only one–drawback. My laundry load has quadrupled. There’s so much sweating going on that I need so much more gear than I have. That, or I need to start doing laundry two to three times a week. Not gonna happen! I heard some girls at my yoga studio talking about this service called PV.Body. For $50 a month, stylists pick out a top and bottom, of various brands and styles, customized to your body type and workout needs, and ship them (free of charge) to your doorstep. If you’ve ever shopped at Lululemon, then you know that a new yoga outfit will run you at least $150. Save a $100? Yes, please. Added bonus: if you don’t like your new outfit, you can exchange it for another. If that isn’t motivation to stick with your new workout routine, I don’t know what is. [$50/ month, PV.Body]

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