Awesome Lawyer Bills Client For Time Spent While They Were Having An Affair

Congratulations, Thomas Lowe! You win the award for d-bag of the day, for charging a client you were having an affair with for time spent during the affair. According to reports, the Minnesota lawyer had sex with the client, who had ironically hired him to handle her divorce — and then billed her for “legal services” for the time. As a result, Lowe (pictured apparently enjoying a lovely day outdoors)  has been barred from practicing law in Minnesota for a minimum of a year and three months.

According to reports, the married attorney began the affair by asking about “her sexual relationship with her husband, comment[ing] on her appearance and ask[ing] if she was interested in sex with him.” The pair had an affair that lasted several months, during which Lowe would code the time  he spent having sex with his client as “meetings” or “memos.” Eventually, as all great attorney/client love affairs do, the couple split up, and Lowe withdrew as the woman’s attorney.

After the split, the woman attempted to commit suicide, and confessed to the affair. During an inquest, Lowe, too, “unconditionally admit[ted] the allegations.”

This isn’t Lowe’s first time at the rodeo. In 1997 he was put on probation for purchasing cocaine from a client. This guy. [City Pages]