Scott Disick’s Secret Modeling Past, Revealed

I have a bizarre limerence for Scott Disick, the vaguely threatening, Patrick Bateman-esque father of Kourtney Kardashian’s children. Maybe it’s because I’m from New England, but Disick’s combination of slick, preppy rich-boy style, unapologetic dogmatism, and self-reverential charm is exactly what I look for in someone to both lust after and loathe. What I didn’t realize, however, is that I’ve actually been crushing on Scott for ten years. Say whaaaaat.

I am embarrassed to even be writing this right now, but as a childhood horse girl, I was obsessed with a book series (target ages 8-12) called Heartland, about a 15-year-old named Amy who heals abused horses using “psychologically-based therapies.” Basically, she was a horse whisperer. The tagline was “healing horses, healing hearts …,” complete with suggestive ellipsis, and as books written for children often do, the covers featured models who represented the characters. One of these characters was Amy’s love interest, who was portrayed on the covers by one Scott Disick. Needless to say, I thought he was super hot. Look at those brooding eyes and the classic Carhartt jacket. I love a man in a good Carhartt jacket. The best part is that BuzzFeed spoke to Scott’s cover co-star, who said that he was shy, awkward, and had no style.

Unfortunately, she didn’t specify whether or not he played any Huey Lewis on the set, but she did say he often left early on the premise that he “needed to return some videotapes.” [BuzzFeed]