Lingerie Football League Is Klassin’ Things Up

“Imagine if fondue wanted to end its association with melted cheese.”

This is how ESPN reported on plans by the Lingerie Football League to rebrand themselves into a classier institution. Good luck with that!  They’re trying to be taken seriously as an actual football team for women … as opposed to, say, a sexist travesty of athleticism exploiting the willingness of some women who love sports so much they’re willing to play football in bootyshorts if that’s the only way they can do it.

The LFL, whose buxom, statuesque “players” “compete” in a bra, panties and shoulder pads, announced it’s changing its name to Legends Football League. Their tag line will go from “True Fantasy Football” (roll eyes) to “Women of the Gridiron.” But most tragically for the sad, sad men who wank off to chicks in bikinis tackling each other, the women will now wear actual football uniforms.

No word on whether the “accidental nudity” clause in their contracts still holds.

[NBC Sports]

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