LeAnn Rimes’ “Entertainment Tonight” Interview Is Painful To Watch

Oh, man. Watching LeAnn Rimes’ “Entertainment Tonight” interview is like watching a fly trying to get unstuck from fly paper. She just keeps on flapping and flapping even though she’s stuck. It’s painful to watch. Yeah, yeah, yeah, the interview was technically about her her new album Spitfire. But it wasn’t really. With minimal prodding from Nancy O’Dell, LeAnn overshared like crazy, admitting that she and Eddie are worried about cheating on each other, that her body wouldn’t let her stop having the affair (what?) and that she considered taking her own life over it. .

“Where I’m at in my relationship with Eddie, [infidelity] is not a worry that’s in the front of my mind. Ever. Now,” she said. She had me until NOW. Thou doth protesteth too much, LeAnn.

But it gets far more cringe-y. When asked whether or not she wishes she could erase the affair, she said, “It’s definitely not who I am. I definitely fell in love with someone. It was an overwhelming emotion. Your body won’t let you stop it.”

Oh yeah. THAT. When you have no free will to make choices because your body takes over like an animal. That sucks so much when that happens. [Jessica would like me to note that if a man said this kind of thing it would be considered inherently “rapey.”]

This wasn’t the end of it. LeAnn continued to blather on about how the way she handled the affair made her hate herself (because a little self-loathing is a great stand-in for taking responsibly for your actions). So, natch Nancy O’Dell had to ask if it got her so down about it that she considered taking her own life. That’s quite a jump there, but OK. Her response was alarmingly unconvincing:

“I think any smart person would know that [wanting to take your own life] is always a possibility, that you could always get that sad …I worried that that was a possibility. I didn’t think, I know, I would never. I know I would never.”

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Taking your own life is NOT always a possibility for me. And I consider myself a smart person. Is it for you?

I am going to give LeAnn some tough love for a moment because I’m worried about her. I think the whole world is ready to stop talking about her affair with Eddie Cibrian. There’s only one person left who needs to stop talking about it: LeAnn. (Okay, maybe two, if you include Brandi Glanville If asked about it, she can deflect and stick to talking about the thing that made her famous: her voice. If things with Eddie are really that great (which don’t believe is the case), then either move on and go enjoy your life with him or get outta there. Whatever she does, she needs to stop flapping. [Celebitchy]