Home Inspiration: 12 Dainty Vases To Keep Your Flowers Fresh

As we slog through the remainder of winter, I wanted to offer a little bit of hope, in the form of some cute vases. I mean, if you can’t get spring weather outdoors, you might as well bring it inside. And aren’t you over using that banged up, scratched old FTD vase from 15 years ago? Invest in your flowers and you’ll get many happy returns. Check out our picks after the jump.

1. Wine Bottle Wall Flower Vases, $32
2. Cottage Chic Wall Flower Vase, $15
3. Flower Vase Pitcher in Ocean Green, $54
4. Ceramic Double Flower Vase, $15.00
5. Set of 3 Milk Glass Flower Vases, $19
6. Brown and Blue Cylinder Vase, $15
7. Ruby Red Depression Glass Vase, $10.95
8. Deco Style Silvertone Chrome Vase, $16.45
9. Mid-century Turquoise Tabletop Ceramic Flower Vase, $44.95
10. Glass Cylinder Vases, $15
11. Handmade Turquoise Vase, $75
12. Five Finger Flower Vase, $25