11 Awesome Michelle Obama Gifs In Honor Of Her 49th Birthday

Michelle Obama is a national treasure. A woman who’s intelligent, kind, poised and stylish, our FLOTUS is a woman worth looking up to. And whenever we actually grow up, we hope to be just like her. So today, in honor of her 49th birthday, we’ve put together a little post of some of our very favorite MObama gifs. Click through to enjoy.

“Oh you’re doing a post about my birthday? Cool.”

Teaching the world how to “Dougie.”

Don’t get it twisted.

Being America’s mom.


“And I was like, whatever, I don’t care if you’re the Ambassador to Germany, you’re not sitting next to my husband.”

“I can do these with one hand, too.”

Not afraid of an awkward hug.

Sneaking up on the Prez, during the DNC.

Party in the USA!

Wouldn’t you like to know what they’re laughing about?