My Nightmare: Portland Woman Stuck In Crawl Space Between Two Buildings, Firemen Using Lube To Get Her Out

Guys, I am kind of hyperventilating just thinking about this, but a woman in Portland, Oregon, is stuck in between two buildings, after falling while climbing. Nobody’s really sure what the woman — who is allegedly in her 20s — was doing when she fell, but my guess is something dumb like parkour. Either way, there’s rescue crews on the scene who are cutting a hole in one of the walls of the Gretchen Kafoury Commons in order to try and pull her out. In the meantime, she’s stuck in the hole, hanging, and has been there for nearly four hours.

I can’t stand confined spaces — even the thought of them. Like, the coffin scene in “Kill Bll” makes me want to die inside, so this kind of accident is my absolute worst nightmare. In fact, the idea of having anything compressed on my chest, or constricting me in any way is super anxiety-producing. Thankfully, the woman’s husband is on the scene and is helping calm her as the Portland Fire Department works to free her.

We’ll let you know when we have an update. [KGW]

UPDATE: After five hours stuck between the two buildings, the unidentified woman was pulled out. Firemen used lubricant to help her shimmy through the hole they’d cut in the wall. She appears to be alert and relieved.